Model Registration Fashion Week

Model Registration

To provide your model services during Fashion Week and to have access to casting call information, please complete the form below.  Once received, our team will diligently review your work, and if there is a need, reach out for an interview.

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To apply, visit the official website of The Bureau, the world’s largest Fashion Week producer, and navigate to their ‘Models’ section. There, you will find application forms and detailed instructions on how to submit your portfolio and any required information.

Requirements vary by event, but typically include a minimum height, specific measurements, and professional modeling experience. Some castings may also require a comp card, a portfolio, and an agency representation.

Within our shows, our designers are looking to cast models of all ages and sizing as we have designers that cater to all.

Once a model has submitted their application, they will receive specific casting information as needed with specific show needs.

Direct agency representation is not a requirement as our casting team handles all communication with all models or specific agency based on whether the model is walking in Fashion Week, a Campaign shoot, or specific event.

While we do prefer models that have prior experience, for models without any experience, we do have Model Boot Camps that is an accelerated Model Experience, that also assists in networking opportunities with brands and designers.

Models are typically chosen based on the designer’s vision for the show, which includes specific aesthetic requirements like height, build, and the ability to carry the designer’s clothes effectively.

Every show, whether it is New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, or other markets, we have designers that will cast all ages, and sizes.

This depends on the agreement with the designers or the modeling agency. Some may cover travel and accommodation, while others may not.

Maintain a professional demeanor, be punctual, and show your unique personality. Your walk, attitude, and how you present yourself are crucial in making a lasting impression.

In addition, if you are not cast for a show, or gig – reserve a ticket to the fashion weeks, and social events such as the Kick Off, and After Parties.  Networking with the show producers, fashion brands, as well as other models are great ways for them to meet you, and stay fresh in their mind.

Walking in a major Fashion Week can provide significant exposure, allowing you to build your portfolio with high-quality runway photos and possibly attract attention from top fashion industry professionals. It’s a valuable experience that can open many doors in your career.

Elevate Your Career with The Bureau Fashion Week

Step Into the Spotlight

Joining The Bureau Fashion Week as a model opens the door to unparalleled career opportunities. Our shows, campaign photoshoots, and events are celebrated for their prestige and wide reach, providing you with the perfect stage to shine and be noticed.

Visibility Among Industry Leaders

Walking in our shows places you in front of the fashion industry’s top professionals—from iconic designers and influential buyers to global media outlets. This exposure is crucial for making impactful connections that can lead to more opportunities, both on and off the runway.

Professional Portfolio Enhancement

Participating in our campaign photoshoots allows you to work with world-renowned photographers and stylists. These collaborations result in high-quality images that enhance your portfolio, showcasing your versatility and aligning your image with leading fashion brands.

Experience High-Profile Events

Our events are more than just fashion shows; they are cultural milestones that attract a host of celebrities, influencers, and fashion elites. Being part of such gatherings not only boosts your profile but also offers a unique experience that enriches your understanding of the fashion industry.

Develop Valuable Skills

Each runway walk, photoshoot, and event with The Bureau Fashion Week teaches something new, from honing your runway technique to mastering the art of public appearances and networking. These skills are indispensable as you navigate and grow within the fashion world.

Be Part of a Creative Journey

At The Bureau Fashion Week, creativity knows no bounds. You will have the opportunity to showcase a variety of styles, from classic designs to avant-garde pieces, each adding a unique chapter to your modeling career. Engage with the creativity of the fashion world in ways that challenge and excite.

Join Our Legacy

Models who have walked in our shows have gone on to achieve significant milestones in their careers. By joining The Bureau Fashion Week, you’re not just participating in an event; you’re becoming part of a legacy that builds careers and defines futures.

Ready to Make Your Mark?

If you’re ready to elevate your modeling career and showcase your talent on one of the most celebrated stages in fashion, apply now to become a model at The Bureau Fashion Week. Your runway to success starts here!