Accepted payment methods

With The SOCIETY, you have many ways to purchase your tickets. Select from American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, or a debit card with a major credit card logo. International cards are also accepted on our desktop site.

Payments can’t be split between multiple cards.

All ticket prices for events that occur in the United States are stated in U.S. Dollars. All ticket prices for events that occur in Canada are stated in Canadian Dollars, etc.

The following cards are not accepted: Banamex Visa, Banamex Mastercard, Banamex Debito, Banamex Debito Visa, Banamex Debito Mastercard, Santander Visa, Santander Mastercard, Visa Emitida en Mexico, Mastercard Emitida en Mexico, and Santander American Express.

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