Fashion Week Dates

Refund & Exchange Policy


Please note, there is no refunds to any purchased tickets for the event. For any questions please call +1 (212) 547-9468 ext 2.


Don’t suffer from seat envy.  If you see seats you prefer that are the same price or higher for your event, call +1 (212) 547-9468 ext 2 to exchange the ones you have and just pay the difference, if any.

We can’t exchange tickets for events that are less than seven (7) days away.

Inclement Weather

Ticket holders are advised that The SOCIETY Fashion Week’s schedule as well as session dates, parties, and starting times are subject to change for all sessions. Tickets are not eligible for refund due to one or more changes in the The SOCIETY Fashion Week’s change of schedule.  In the event of a change of schedule or cancelled event, we will do every effort to either re-schedule or transfer ticket to an equal value.