Los Angeles Fashion Week VIP Weekend Pass


October 17-19, 2024

Unlock the door to a sensational fashion experience with the Los Angeles Fashion Week VIP Weekend Pass. This pass is your all-access ticket to explore the exhilarating world of high fashion from a privileged perspective.

Package Includes:

  • VIP Seating: Enjoy front row seats at every runway show throughout the week.
  • VIP Lounge: Retreat to the comfort and exclusivity of the VIP Lounge—a serene haven where you can relax, refresh, and mingle with other VIPs.
  • After party: Experience Los Angeles Fashion Week in style! Enjoy exclusive after party access, network, celebrate, and revel with fashion’s finest
  • Gift Bag: Receive a deluxe gift bag filled with high-end cosmetics, fashion accessories, and exclusive offers from our partners.

Special Price: $2,590 (Regularly $3,290)

This offer is available exclusively through our online platform and is limited to the first 50 buyers. Secure your spot in the world of couture and experience a Los Angeles Fashion Week VIP Weekend Pass like never before!

The Experience

Exclusive Front Row Access

Experience unparalleled exclusivity with “Exclusive Front Row Access” at Los Angeles Fashion Week. This premium access grants you a coveted front row seat to every show, featuring renowned designers from across the globe. Feel the pulse of high fashion as you take in the latest trends and masterpieces up close.

Exclusive Front Row Access Highlights:

  • World-Class Shows: Secure a front row seat to every runway event, where the magic of global fashion unfolds right before your eyes.
  • Red Carpet Access: Walk the red carpet where the glitterati shine, perfect for those who love the spotlight and want to experience the thrill of a glamorous entry.
  • Open Bar: Enjoy the luxury of an open bar available throughout the events, offering a selection of fine beverages to enhance your experience.
  • VIP Lounge: Retreat to the comfort of the VIP Lounge, an exclusive area designed for relaxation and networking with other VIPs, celebrities, and influencers in the fashion industry.
NYFW VIP Weekend Pass Front Row Access

Premium Gift Bag

NYFW VIP Weekend Pass - Gift Bag

Indulge in the exclusive experience as a Los Angeles Fashion Week VIP with our “Premium Gift Bag,” a curated collection of luxury items designed to delight and pamper. Each bag is filled with high-end products and unique offerings, ensuring that guests take home a piece of the fashion week glamour.

Highlights of the Premium Gift Bag:

  • Designer Cosmetics: Discover a range of top-tier cosmetics from renowned brands, perfect for enhancing your beauty routine.
  • Fashion Accessories: Each bag includes stylish accessories that reflect the latest trends, from chic scarves to elegant jewelry.
  • Exclusive Offers: Benefit from special offers and discounts from participating designers and boutiques, giving you access to elite shopping experiences.
  • Memorabilia: Keep a part of the event with you through exclusive collectibles and bespoke items that commemorate New York Fashion Week.

This gift bag is more than just a collection of items; it’s a gateway to luxury, style, and the essence of high fashion, carefully assembled to enhance your experience and provide lasting memories of an unforgettable event.

Official After Party Invite

Join the excitement of Los Angeles Fashion Week with an exclusive invitation to the Official After Party. This event is the perfect capstone to the festivities, where fashion enthusiasts, designers, and models gather to celebrate the week’s successes and network in a dynamic atmosphere.

Highlights of the Official After Party Invite:

  • Networking Opportunities: Mix and mingle with the who’s who of the fashion industry. This event is a prime opportunity to connect with designers, influencers, and fashion insiders.
  • Live Entertainment: Enjoy an evening filled with spectacular live performances and top-tier DJ sets, keeping the mood lively and celebratory.
  • Elegant Venue: The party is hosted at one of LAFW’s most stylish venues, offering a chic backdrop perfect for this glamorous affair.
  • Gourmet Refreshments: Delight in an assortment of exquisite culinary offerings and a selection of fine wines, cocktails, and other beverages, all served throughout the evening.

This after-party is not just an event but an essential experience for anyone involved in LAFW, providing a space to unwind, celebrate, and forge new connections in the fashion world.

NYFW VIP Weekend Pass After Party

VIP Lounge Access

NYFW VIP Weekend Pass VIP Lounge

Experience exclusivity and comfort in the VIP Lounge at Los Angeles Fashion Week, a dedicated space designed for VIP ticket holders to relax, network, and enjoy the event in luxury. This private oasis is the perfect retreat from the bustling energy of the fashion shows, offering a serene environment to connect with fellow VIPs and industry leaders.

Highlights of the VIP Lounge:

  • Elegant Seating: Find comfort and style in our plush, stylish seating areas that offer a perfect view of the event’s happenings.
  • Premium Service: Enjoy attentive service from our dedicated staff who are there to ensure all your needs are met, from drink refills to personalized recommendations.
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Meet and engage with designers, models, and business moguls in a relaxed setting, perfect for making lasting connections.
  • Complimentary Refreshments: Indulge in a selection of gourmet snacks, fine wines, and premium beverages exclusively available to lounge guests.
  • Live Screens: Never miss a moment of the action with live broadcasts of the runway shows streamed directly within the lounge.

The VIP Lounge at LAFW elevates your fashion week experience by providing a luxurious sanctuary where you can unwind, enjoy sophisticated amenities, and immerse yourself in the world of fashion with like-minded individuals.

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